We seek curious brands with a new world to discover.

If you're an rpg brand with a unique perspective (or you want one), Explorers will help you discover an identity to match. Eldritch logos, illustrious colors, and trade dressing stronger than adamantium but lighter than mithril? I'll make it happen.

Visual Identity

  • Logo Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Strategy
  • Typography
  • Style Guides

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Services/Products
  • Tone of Voice
  • Convention Dress

Game Design

  • Zine & Book Covers
  • Bespoke Templates
  • Supplements
  • Consultation

Explorer Bounty Board

A little known fact among designers: we charge less for projects exciting for us. If you meet any of these criteria, you'll likely get a discount or at least some strategic thoughts straight from the Explorers' arcanum.

  • Hyper-minimalism (ala Whitehack, The Isle, and others)
  • Essentialism (Deiter Rams, Braun, and 1960s NASA branding)
  • Publishing labels and trade dressing
  • "Make it as different from others as possible."

Economic Assistance

Hiring a designer is expensive. I get it. If you're in need of good design, but don't have the funding, I'm open to profit-sharing, crowdfunding, and royalties. Make it a part of the pitch and we can try to figure it out.

Think we'd make a great team? Let's talk!